Below is a sampling of ideas that your students can do for a positive messaging campaign as well as actual positive messaging campaigns that coalitions and schools across the Commonwealth have put together in their communities in the past!  Be sure to check out our GALLERY page for videos of projects as well.

schuylkill prevention partnership

Schuylkill Prevention Partnership (SPP) utilized the Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) results to develop and implement a positive social norming campaign.  This campaign included the development of a design that was printed on banners, posters, magnets and billboards (example of the Billboard above).  Banners were distributed and displayed in all Schuylkill County Middle and High Schools as well as Agencies and Government Buildings.  The campaign was developed by the Scuylkill County Drug & Alcohol Junior Advisory Board which consists of two students from each of the county's 15 high schools.  Great Job SPP!  SPP is the perfect example of a student-driven positive messaging campaign, exactly what 2inspire is founded on.  


Clearfield-Jefferson Drug & Alcohol Commission

Clearfield-Jefferson Drug & Alcohol Commission (CJDAC) conducted two activities with the 2inspire funds.  The first activity was developed as a preventative approach to reduce drug and alcohol use among Middle School students throughout Clearfield and Jefferson Counties.  CJDAC utilized funds to purchase the "Setting the Pace" book which is a collection of short stories written by local students from the Counties sharing their stories and experiences with drug and alcohol use and what motivated them to make a change to become drug free or not get involved with drugs and alcohol in the first place.  Above is a picture of all the students who created the book and it is now being used in all 14 Middle Schools in Clearfield and Jefferson Counties.


Collaborating for youth

Collaborating For Youth (CFY) represents Adam's County Drug Free Communities Coalition and has done an excellent job of utilizing PAYS data in the form of developing positive messaging.  CFY has been making positive change for over 10 years in Adam's County and is one of the few coalitions across the state that has a Youth Coalition.  With recent funds through our 2inspire positive messaging campaign, members of the youth coalition brainstormed ideas for campaign slogans based on the PAYS data they were most concerned about.  This year's slogan was IM3 or "I'm Making My Mark" to be implemented across the school districts.  Check out the video above!

Greater norristown communities that care

Greater Norristown CTC utilized funds in a unique approach and collaborated with the Greater Norristown Police Athletic League to provide a basketball league for 6 teams with over 80 positive messaging t-shirts as their uniforms for a 6 week period.  In addition to the basketball league, these funds help support Greater Norristown CTC's "Back Talk" which is a student group focused on the fight against drugs and violence in the Norristown area community. During these group meetings, the students planned an "Art Saves Me" featuring an art showcase including poetry, spoken words, music and positive messaging videos on preventing substance use.  Above is a picture of the Back Talk group!

CHarleroi Middle school

Charleroi Middle School Students created a pictorial power point presentation set to music that was created and performed by the Charleroi Middle School Choir and the 8th grade reading classes.  The was commissioned (through a grant) by the choir and written by composer Jonny Priano and lyricist Aaron Gothier.  The PowerPoint was created by Lauren Ader.  The original music is performed by CAMS Choir and entitled "Sing Your Life Song".  The lyrics were inspired by the poetry written the project participants. 

Challenge Day 3.jpg

Central Mountain High School & Middle School

After reading the results of the PAYS data, Keystone Central School District noticed that a high risk factor for their area was "Community Disorganization."  This is where IMPACT (a Volunteer group of parents), Central Mountain SADD Students, West Branch Drug & Alcohol Commission, Lock Haven YMCA, and Lock Haven Social Work Program Professor and Students hosted a "Challenge Day" at both Central Mountain High School and Central Mountain Middle School where common issues (negative judgement, cliques, rumors, isolation, etc) found at most schools are addressed and later challenged to adopt a three step formula for creating POSITIVE change, celebrate the diversity of ALL people, and challenged to live a life in service of others.  The goal of Challenge Day was to take a strength-based approach to increase the self-esteem of students and encourage students to experience the positive results of positive choices.  Over 300 students and 75 adults were impacted from Challenge Day and the goal of creating a better sense of community, belonging and understanding in their schools in hope that the youth will be less likely to fall to negative peer pressure such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco use and other destructive decisions was achieved.  IMPACT plans on continuing Challenge Day year after year after with both the Middle and High Schools having started a Challenge Day Club to keep the movement going. 


Downingtown area communities that care

With the PAYS data revealing that the highest risk factor in Downingtown Area is a "Low perceived risk of drug use," Downingtown Area Communities That Care (D-CTC) utilized their positive messaging funds to create a youth group to develop a positive social messaging campaign at the Marsh Creek 6th Grade Center.  This positive social messaging campaign helped create a "pledge" to abstain from alcohol and tobacco products because they are harmful to your health and illegal.  In addition to creating a positive social messaging campaign, these students took part in a Media Literacy Program meeting weekly learning about how media influences all ages of people, and held a walk for wellness at the school.  D-CTC's positive social messaging campaign reached over 1,000 students at the 6th grade center alone, with messaging on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds.  Also, for two weeks, the message ran on three electronic billboards reaching over 300,000 people.  Take a look at the Billboard picture above.  

601_WC Cares-Town Hall Meeting-May 14-All Info.jpg


West Chester Communities That Care (WCCTC) utilized 2Inspire funds to create a positive social norming campaign aimed at West Chester Area Middle and High School students and hosted a town hall event for parents and students.  WCCTC utilized their PAYS data around their three prioritized risk factors: Low perceived drug use, favorable parent attitude towards ATOD use and favorable parental attitudes towards anti-social behavior.  The positive messaging contest was held district wide with the winning slogan being created on t-shirts and banners where students can write on.  WCCTC even had a former NFL player, Cliff Crosby, share his inspirational message on how growing up with addiction in his family impacted his choices and his desire for success.  Above is the Billboard that was used to advertise their positive message and town hall event.

20150225_090833 (1).jpg

armstrong-Indiana Drug Free Communities Coalition

On December 15, 2014 the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission (AICDAC) hosted a Youth Leadership Workshop for 35 students.  The Workshop provided students an opportunity to receive instruction from Dr. Mary Beth Leidman, Communications Media Department, Indiana University of PA, on how to build a persuasive media campaign (Media 101) for their school focusing on positive school climate and behaviors.  This Workshop also provided students with hands on leadership skills needed to build a student lead campaign from the ground up. 

On February 25, 2015, the AICDAC hosted a Youth Leadership Conference at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania for 92 high school students.  The Conference provided students an opportunity to build on their own understanding the influence of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and gambling can have on their lives and that of their friends.  The Conference also promoted making positive choices and provided students with community resources to help build strong leadership skills they can take back to their schools. 

Topics covered at the event this year: 

  • What Do You Consider Lethal- Distracted Driving
  • Social Media/Cyber Safety
  • How to Manage Stress
  • Breakout sessions (team building, tobacco, marijuana, gambling)

The AICDAC also co-sponsored a radio contest with Renda Broadcasting encouraging students to create (write) their own personal message that captures how they stay above the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Winners then had the opportunity to have their message professionally produced or record it themselves at the Renda Broadcast studios. A total of 47 students submitted a message and 5 winners were awarded.  

2015 0425 SpeakUp Conference at SRU (3).JPG

butler county prevention council

The Positive Messaging grant enabled Slippery Rock University and human service agencies to finally engage key stakeholders and youth to kick-off the youth mentoring program called SPEAK-UP! Butler County Youth. Previous attempts had not been successful.  With the funds, we were able to cover the costs of criminal/child abuse clearances for all of the SRU students to work with area youth. The mission of SU is to give youth a voice on the issues that concern them – and the positive messaging theme matched this perfectly.  Focus groups were conducted to identify the problem issues and goals set to implement positive messaging activities. The B+&SpeakUp group/business was initiated in which t-shirts, totes, and mouse pads were created with positive messages on them so that the youth could be positive leaders in their schools and spread their messages. In addition to the positive messaging “business”, the spring leadership forum was conducted to bring the 2 groups involved together so continue to brainstorm other creative ways that they could share their positive messaging ideas to others in their community.  Attached are just a few examples of the products created that are for sale as well as pictures and video that were created at spring 2015 leadership conference.

Youth Development Task Force of Lycoming County

Members of the Youth Development Task Force participated with a partner organization in an information day at that local minor league Crosscutters baseball game. The partner was the Clinical Outcomes Group (COGI) and the event featured both of their messages as well as the TRU-storm tobacco prevention message of COGI. The core message of the YDTF is “Joint the Majority, Find Your Anti-Drug”. With the use of T-shirts and yard signs, they are able to get their message out to more and more people!

Mifflin County Communities That Care

Mifflin County Communities That Care partnered with Mifflin County School District to conduct a campaign to promote prevention and education through multiple positive media messages. Students created positive messages with PAYS results. The messages are being shared at the Junior High and High School and throughout the community as follow: audio PSAs on the local radio stations; spots on local Comcast TV channels; posters in the High School and Junior High School buildings; posting messages to their CTC Facebook page; posting the audio and video spots to their CTC YouTube channel. They also show the TV PSAs at the year-end assemblies in the Junior High and High Schools, the annual Community Movie Night during an intermission, and at their annual coalition meeting.

York County Communities That Care

System of Care, Safe Schools/Healthy Students, and Communities That Care joined together to host a Public Service Announcement (PSA) contest geared toward high school students. The PSAs focused on drug and alcohol issues.  Seven schools/youth groups participated, including Kennard-Dale, Central, Dallastown, West York, Northeastern, Dover, and Safe Schools/Healthy Students. The program was received with excitement and the local school districts embraced the challenge. York County Commissioners invited the PSA winners to a meeting where the PSAs were shown and awards were handed out.

Bedford County Drug & Alcohol Commission

Bedford County Drug & Alcohol Commission held a Dance-a-thon project that took the positive social norms campaign to a group of children for the first time. The project also began the process of mentorship between some high school students and middle school students. This mentorship helped tremendously to assist the building of strong and lasting bonds between different age groups. The project also worked to expand community awareness of the “truth” about youth in Bedford County and highlight the positives that the youth are doing. The event was kicked off with students throughout the county getting an assembly feature “Road Radio.” 

Cumberland Perry Drug & Alcohol Commission

Cumberland Perry Drug & Alcohol Commission created a project that is a multi-pronged effort to address local risk and protective factors in the community. YAB was organized into three committees, Positive Messaging, Peer Education, and Dickinson Collaboration. Positive Messaging began with establishing a tagline: “When writing the story of your life, don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” This tagline would form the basis of a campaign that would promote the fact that most young people do not abuse substances and do make healthy choices and decisions. They included this message on T-shirts, sports bags, posters, and portable banners, and billboards. They also created a 30 second public service announcement with the assistance of WITF. Posters have be disseminated to all nine school districts in Cumberland County and with the help of Perry Human Services, posters have also been disseminated in Perry County!

Clarion Drug Free Coalition

On March 17, 2015, the Clarion Drug Free Coalition and Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission (AICDAC) hosted a Youth Leadership Conference for the Clarion County Schools. A total of 75 students attended the conference held at the Park View Inn in Clarion. Joe Markiewicz, was the guest speaker for the conference and did a presentation of the Clarion County PAYS dad for the students. Joe discussed drug trends with the community as reported by youth and also discussed bullying and suicide. Joe also talked with the students about how they can create a positive school climate and address some of the issues they face and how to help their friends as well.

Pennsbury LYFT.jpg

Pennsbury LYFT

The Pennsbury LYFT Coalition conducted a multi-faceted project with the goals of empowering students to use positive message to influence their peers and strengthening the position of the LYFT Coalition within the community. The project was extremely successful and achieved both of the goals through a combination of partnerships and joint effort. After receiving education about the power of positive peer messaging, 20 students created and submitted 11, 30-second video public service announcements to a contest LYFT conducted. Student PSA entries encouraged positive choices and actions among their peers. Winning PSA’s were shown widely within the community to extend the power of messaging, achievingthrough their best estimate, at least 22,250 views each or 55,000 views in total! 

South Philadelphia Prevention Coalition

The major activity that youth leaders participated in was a street clean-up of 4 blocks of Snyder Avenue. Youth were engaged with this project in planning, hosting, and advertising the event. Street clean-ups were part of the South Philadelphia Prevention Coalition’s first year action plan in working toward reducing use of both marijuana and alcohol in the South Philadelphia community. Substance use is strongly tied to the challenges faced in the South Philadelphia community- poverty, diversity, and lack of job opportunities- so creating connections and investments in the neighborhood plays a significant role in decreasing use among young people. Creating positive opportunities for improving the physical environment allows the youth to feel more connected to their neighborhood and proud of the community they live in.

North Philadelphia Prevention Coalition

Their project increased cooperation among youth-serving organizations in the neighborhood. It increased community and youth engagement as well as dialogue around the dangers of prescription drug use/alcohol use. The project provided the means to pull together resources and expertise to engage our youth in reflection, dialog, and creation of positive messaging and positive programming. Youth designed impactful memes related to substance abuse prevention, helped plan, market, and implement two community events that drew over 300 participants, and helped raise financial and in-kind donations to help sustain their efforts.

IMPACT- West Branch Drug & Alcohol Commission.jpg

IMPACT- West Branch Drug & Alcohol Commission

IMPACT have an event called Challenge Day. It was held was Central Mountain Schools and included 285 students and 50+ adults, along with two Challenge Day leaders for California. Challenge Day was a three day event. One of the most powerful events of the day was the cross-the-line activity where students and adults were asked to cross a line on the gym floor in silence if a category pertained to them. Crossing the line allowed them to see who had experienced similar situations in their lives, who had felt the same pain, who they might turn to share that experience, etc. They then crossed back over the line for the next question. Here are some of the reason they crossed the line: Cross the line if you have ever felt extreme pressure to excel. Cross the line if you someone who was killed by a drunk driver. Challenge Day was an eye-opening experience. A lot of students (as well as adults) stood up at the end of the event and spoke in the microphone about how it impacted them, or apologized to something they had been bullying, or thanked someone who had always been there for them.

Fulton County Communities That Care

What started out as a project that delivered PAYS data information to stakeholders and school districts in the County ended up to be a working machine of adults and students who have a mission to educate the community on the issues that face our youth in an ever changing world. After the delivery of the presentations, PAYS data and Youth Prevention Goals, the stakeholder group called the Partners came together and created a sub-committee that would look at the priorities identified and create an action plan. It happened to be that two of the leaders of that group were superintendents and this began the focus to bring students to the table. The first Youth Action Committee meeting was held March 11, 2015. The committee has met seven times since then and has also created a Youth Action Council comprised of 12 students from the three districts. The Youth Council is working on a county-wide positive message, but more importantly, is now the youth voice for the community Partner group, something they have never had in all of the years the Partners have been in operation.

Snyder County Coalition for Kids

The Snyder County Coalition for Kids partnered with the Selingsgrove Area School District to promote the positive messages from the PAYS. 50 diverse students gathered at the Rudy Gelnett Memorial Library, donned in their craziest costumes, to learn about the PAYS and positive messages. There was representation across seven student activity clubs. For an hour and half, students led by their advisor Harvey Edwards, worked together to produce the Selinsgrove Shimmy. The event was followed by refreshments in the basement of the library which all students too part of. Several students worked to put the final video together, adding an introduction, credits, music, and still photography. After the event, it was discovered that two students responded in their project survey were less likely to use drugs and alcohol because of participation in this messaging event. The students’ wish was to promote the positive message, “Our school provides opportunities for us to become involved.” Their video was posted on the Coalition Facebook page and over the course of two days reached 4,744 individuals users and added additional 40 likes to the page.

New oxford high school

A group of students from New Oxford High School volunteered to get together with members of the Adams County Collaborating for Youth Coalition to generate ideas for the 2Inspire Campaign. They coined "Inspire NOHS" as the slogan for the campaign. They used funding to order 500 rally towels that they gave out at an assembly. They had guests speakers talk to the students about overcoming substance abuse. They also created posters and placed them in every classroom. Check out the video above to see how great everything went! 

Wilson High School

Clean Teen Club members from Wilson High School used funds to create a 5 part video PSA series. The videos were shown on the morning announcements at both Wilson School District middle schools, along with the high school. Approximately 3,200 students and staff were able to watch the videos. The videos were then put on YouTube for other school districts to be able to watch them as well. and "sticky" notes were hung each day in rotating hallways with "happy quotes" written on them. Attached is one of the YouTube videos that they have submitted. Click the link to go to the Clean Teens Club YouTube page to watch the rest of the videos

Southern Huntingdon Middle/High School-

Southern Huntingdon Middle/High School purchased fortune cookies with 5 different positive, encouraging messages inside that they picked. Each student (about 700) and faculty member received one. They also had a Mix It Up At Lunch Day which taught tolerance and accepting others. Southern Huntingdon also had pledge poster boards set up at lunch during the same day where if kids signed it, they were pledging to be positive to themselves, to others, and to be drug and alcohol free. Then the school purchased gift cards and had prize raffles for the students that signed the 2Inspire pledge boards.

McCaskey School District

McCaskey School District engaged their student body throughout the year by creating a six-word slogan for anti-drug and alcohol awareness. Around 100 students from their 2Inspire campaign were able to impact the school and outside community with a school-made positive messaging video titled “I’McCaskey”. The goal of “I’McCaskey” was to encourage students to use their voices to share their positive stories about being a McCaskey student. They highlighted their school’s diversity and culture, and other personal stories explaining why they are proud to be a student at McCaskey School District. 

East Norriton Middle School-

East Norriton Middle School students organized a 5K walk/run called the ENMS 2inspire 5K that took place on Saturday, June 4, 2016.  The goal was to spread positive messages and inspire teens to be drug and alcohol free by the student designed logo on the t-shirts each participant received, and by the signs student volunteers will hold all along the race route.  The grant from Communities in Schools covered part of the bill for the t-shirts – the rest of the funding for the event is coming from sponsors and entry fees.  The rest of the money raised from the ENMS 2inspire will be donated to the Norristown branch of the Salvation Army, which has historically done a lot for students in our school whose families have been affected by drug and alcohol use.

Palmyra Area Middle School-

Palmyra Area Middle School had a grade wide fun run. Their objective was to get students active while spreading positivity and drug prevention facts. The funds were used for prizes which comprised of a drawstring bag labeled “Run Away From Drugs.” Inside the bag was a water bottle filled with candy and an inspiring quote.