Communities In Schools Pennsylvania was given the exciting opportunity to lead the largest drug- and alcohol-free teen messaging campaign of its kind in the Commonwealth-2Inspire.  

This campaign is all about collaboration through positive messaging.  By bringing together community coalitions, educators, parents and students, we're creating a vast network of support that reaches every corner of the Commonwealth.

Our Mission

The mission of 2inspire is for youth to be empowered to inspire peers to work hand-in-hand enhancing each other's confidence to make appropriate decisions.  2inspire aims to build partnerships and positive youth development that engages youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.

We understand that Pennsylvania communities are unique in every corner of the state.  That's why 2inspire does not have a one-size-fits-all message.  Instead, 2inspire provides a centrally coordinated framework that has the flexibility for our teens to develop and share their own positive messages that resonate best with their own community members and peers.  This is a largely youth-shaped effort because no one knows more about the everyday challenges our teens face then they do. 

Drugs and alcohol play a large role in Pennsylvania’s dropout epidemic, where nearly 100 students fail to graduate each day. By empowering students to stand up and proudly share their positive life choices, we’re taking an important step to keep them on the path to graduation.
— Ryan Riley, President & State Director, Communities In Schools Pennsylvania

Our  Goals & Initiatives

  • Gain media attention to publicize 2inspire throughout Pennsylvania in newspapers, television, and all social media platforms.
  • Deliver and engage inspiring prevention messages to Pennsylvania teens through print, video and digital channels.
  • Drive positive messaging with data utilizing PAYS (where applicable) to determine the concentrated effort students want to focus on.
  • 2inspire campaigns focus on utilizing school data to plan a positive messaging campaign for all students at their school. It is important to spread the GOOD news about youth while focusing on the real issues that are impacting our schools and communities.
  • 2inspire campaigns aim to utilize the power of young people to prevent and solve serious issues!
  • 2inspire campaigns engage students and are a part of the solution.
  • 2inspire campaigns connect school districts with prevention coalitions from all over the Commonwealth to help and encourage others.
  • 2inspire campaigns teach today's youth about how remaining positive and doing good deeds can create a better life for someone else. 

history of 2inspire

In 2011, CISPA and the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) joined forces for the 2inspire initiative (formerly My Voice PA).  Together, CISPA and PCCD have launched a collection of videos, audio and print messages aimed at building awareness that all students have choices when it comes to making decisions around drug and alcohol use.  CISPA undertook this messaging campaign as an effort to reduce dropout, improve connectedness to school and decrease behavior related to dropouts.

what is the purpose of 2inspire?

2inspire is designed to help raise awareness about substance abuse among youth and promote prevention.  Through CISPA and PCCD, students will learn about substance abuse and create a public awareness/substance abuse prevention campaign with the goal of stopping illegal drug and alcohol use among students, while promoting their choice for a healthier way of living.

Schools who are chosen will receive $500 to assist in their positive messaging campaign efforts.  Students will create a campaign highlighting the benefits of being drug and alcohol free, how to handle compromising situations, and the healthy "choice" they made in their life to stay drug and alcohol free.  Students are encouraged to use mediums including social media, flyers, and creating videos.  2inspire is a public awareness campaign created by the students, for the students! 

2inspire campaign guidelines

Mini-grants should be utilized to assist students in developing their positive messaging campaign but must follow these guidelines:

  • Projects should be youth initiated and implemented with adult guidance (especially when connecting to appropriate partners). The campaign must utilize 2inspire materials to assist in campaign development. Materials can be found in the toolkit. 
  • Students should develop a positive messaging campaign that follows along the line of the 2inspire campaign.
  • Participants are required to record the proposal planning process and implementation of efforts in regards to their campaign, via the link provided for Survey Monkey, no later than January 5, 2017. This should include: all campaign goals, measurable objectives, performance measurements, and anticipated impact. 
  • Participants are required to submit pre-project and post-project surveys via Survey Monkey. 
  • Participants must use at least ONE of the following social media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or create a website. 
  • Participants are required to submit social media handles to 2inspire no later than January 5, 2017. This allows 2inspire to repost, retweet, or share your posts on our social media accounts during the campaign and measure the reach of 2inspire.
  • As much as possible, utilize video, photographs and social media to document your school's positive messaging campaign.
  • Use the #2inspirePA as much as possible showcasing your groups positive messaging campaign along the way!

INELIGIBLE use of funds

  • Use of funds to support scare tactics or dramatizations.
  • Supporting existing events like prom, prom after parties, sporting events or other regularly occurring events.
  • Use of funds to pay for staffing positions.
  • Placing the funds into general funding for other purposes.
  • Passing funds to a community organization for community purposes outside of the school environment.

REMEMBER: The idea is that 2inspire is a consistently tied campaign across the Commonwealth in hopes of yielding greater results.  However, local freedom and creativity in projects is strongly encouraged!  The overarching theme of 2inspire is to support positive decision making and reducing underage drinking, while supporting youth voice and youth actions.