Together, we can inspire each other to overcome our challenges and make wise choices for our future-like staying in school and staying drug- and alcohol-free.


Many youth today use many social media platforms and texting as part of their everyday life and ways to "show off " to their peers.  Youth are constantly inundated with advertisements in magazines, online, and televisions, by celebrities and sports athletes through their social media avenues, and from their peers at school who tend to glamorize drinking and using drugs as the norm.  Through Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS), data shows that drinking and drugs is in fact NOT the norm with teenagers.  How do youth develop critical thinking skills to recognize and resist these messages that promote self-destructive behaviors?  Collaborating through digital and social media platforms can be a powerful tool in prevention!  This starts with youth in your communities.

2inspire provides the opportunity for youth to create, develop, and implement positive messaging campaigns to send to their peers and communities that drugs and alcohol do not have to be part of their activities and that in fact, most teens are NOT drinking and doing drugs.


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